Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Resource Ed for further information regarding any questions or queries (03) 8756 4533. Alternatively, please contact using our online Contact Form.

Teacher Questions


  • You need only receive one phone call daily from your usual Area Manager.
  • With one employer, your claim for Tax Free Threshold applies across all earnings.
  • Your Area Manager partners with you to offer you only preferred or well-suited placements.
  • An expanding selection of primary and secondary schools in close or manageable proximity.
  • Professional Learning programs specifically for relief teaching and career advancement.
  • Regular newsletters and social functions.
  • Accurate, efficient and informative payroll functions.
  • Photo ID.
  • Excellent earnings – salary, taxation and superannuation advantages.
  • Friendly and supportive administrative office staff.
  • Professional Liability and Public Risk insurances.
  • Authentic and valued feedback processes, including in-field liaison.
  • Your own online Availability and Service History accessible 24/7.
  • Support and assistance for teachers in transition (e.g. middle years, special needs, part-time).
  • CV and Application consultation.
  • Candidate nomination advantage for fixed term contract positions in Resource Ed schools.

Your gross salary is adjusted prior to withholding tax, reducing your fortnightly tax obligation and giving you more cash in hand, which is credited directly into your nominated account. At the end of the financial year you cannot claim the adjustment as this form of salary reduction is from your pre-tax salary and not your nett salary. The monetary advantages to you usually come close to offsetting the initial consideration to Resource Ed for all of the services provided.

You are paid on a fortnightly basis on the off pay Wednesday to the DET pay days, (on every second Wednesday). Refer to News items on our web page for the current schedule of actual pay days.

Generally you can be called the day or night before, or on the morning of the placement depending on the circumstances. If that does not suit, you can ring your Area Manager and ask for specific arrangements to be considered. Schools lodging late requests will allow for delayed commencement of duties.

Most opportunities occur increasingly from March through to December, with primary school needs sustaining consistently until last day of the school year. In most cases, teachers can expect to be initially placed on a minimum of 3 occasions to likely well-suited settings and roles. How much work will be subsequently offered to each teacher very much depends on their “returnability” to certain schools, a subjective estimate of capacity to make and leave a strong impression of suitability.

Schools most often request the availability of preferred relief teachers which have been determined from prior knowledge of likelihood to meet their expectations. Relief teachers attend our induction seminar to receive extensive advice about how to earn “preferred” status, and liaise closely with their Area Manager. Download our Performance Management Report (from the Downloads Page) for more specific information.

All teachers do yard duty, including relief teachers. Local school arrangements, needs and changing circumstances can impact on the schedule of requirements. The need to confirm the schedule of teaching and negotiate the supervision contributions for the day is the principle administrative reason for the visiting teacher to arrive as early as possible. The earlier all obligations are defined, the sooner the teacher can begin preparing for the day’s teaching.

All teachers who sign, date and send the Agreement back to REdP are covered by all of the above.

Yes. All Resource Ed teachers are expected to have read, understood and returned a signed and dated acceptance of the Agreement. (Refer to insurances above)

Teacher registration and eligibility requirements remain the full responsibility of the teacher. Resource Ed only places teachers shown online by the V.I.T. as currently eligible.

Our pre-employment requirements include the following:

  • Approval of Application and Acceptance of Agreement
  • Receipt of Professional Profile Form.
  • Interview – individual, group, phone.
  • Relief Teaching / Returning Teacher Seminar prior to REdP registration

Resource Ed supplies to all DET metropolitan regions.


School Questions

Schools are charged the current DET rate, on-costs and a small administrative charge for services provided. The current rate is contained in your Contract with REdP.

  • One call to your Area Manager can provide multiple teachers.
  • One invoice and one payment fortnightly
  • Individualised Time Sheet
  • Daily email outlining teachers allocated.
  • Introduction to Resource Ed’s extensive database of available relief teachers
  • Access to online booking, teacher request and accounting services 24/7
  • Assurance of eligible teachers: VIT, NPHC and DET's Conduct & Ethics Branch clearances
  • Well-suited and well-prepared relief teaching specialists

Yes. If you request a known and preferred teacher, your Area Manager will make every effort to ensure you get that teacher. Conversely, if you don’t wish to have a particular teacher, you can also ask your Area Manager not to have that teacher. We will be interested in your advice regarding unsuitability.

To ensure we have a consistent and friendly service to all our clients, we provide an Area Manager to service only a limited number of schools in you local government region. All our Area Managers have either been teachers, have extensive HR skills or have run their CRT agency, thereby giving your school a fast, friendly and efficient service.

Yes. It describes the obligations of each party, and the shared expectations of our teachers.

Yes. No fee or consideration will apply for schools serviced exclusively or frequently by the local Resource Ed Area Manager.

You can either confirm each placement online 24/7 using webAllocations or fax your confirmed Time Sheet in time for Pay Calculation each fortnight. If our services are not used that fortnight, there is no charge at all.

No. This is a Pay on Use system but understandably, the patronage of exclusive or frequent clients is recognised, appreciated and rewarded by our Area Managers.

All teachers are required to carry and present their evidence of current VIT registration and NPHC on request.

You have the option of cheque or Direct Credit into our account. Payments are requested on receipt of the invoice.

You receive

  • Daily Booking Reports, Fortnightly Booking Summary Reports and detailed GST inclusive invoices
  • Password protected access to an online management database of bookings history

Resource Ed specialist relief teachers are required to ensure that they know, understand and commit to school expectations for each day’s allocation. We ask that you provide feedback to each teacher and your Area Manager regarding how well each allocated teacher has met your expectations. Your Area Manager will advise whether Head Office needs to be advised. Please refer to our Teacher Performance Feedback Form for the available ratings for Classroom Effectiveness, Professional Attitude and Conduct, and “Returnability 1 – 5”