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Casual Relief Teacher - Supply Teaching - Substitute Teacher

Resource Ed Personnel offers visiting teachers the best access to teaching opportunities in Melbourne through its local teacher placement agency service known to schools as Resource Ed Personnel. Schools in Victoria create their own short and medium term vacancies as they occur, and then promptly fill them most often with preferred teachers known to them from regular daily replacements. International teachers who are permitted to work in Australia during their stay can be quickly introduced upon arrival to the many suitable schools in the Resource Ed Personnel network of schools that are serviced with daily replacement teachers.

Frequent repeated assignments to such schools has previously provided a swift and efficient pathway for many visiting international teachers to secure short to medium term contract positions, with many of them having subsequently extended their stays.

Needing Red Tape Assistance?

Resource Ed Personnel makes the task simpler and easier for aspiring visiting teachers who are planning their teaching and travel adventure. Resource Ed Personnel provides support with your teacher registration requirements and job opportunities in Victoria, whilst the "Support Package" can look after your entry visa application, bank account needs, initial accommodation arrangements, a mobile phone, airport transfers, and a registered Australian Tax File Number with assured visitor earnings entitlements.

Our Teaching in Melbourne (TiM) booklet is available via email. The TiM gives you comprehensive help, guidance and provides an overview of living and working here in Australia. It is free and covers most travel requirements you will need to plan your working holiday with confidence and the security.

Casual Relief Teaching Opportunities

Resource Ed Personnel has access to a comprehensive range of agency-provided schools in Victoria. For more information please email Resource Ed Personnel by using the online contact form.

Government Registered, Independent &Catholic schools in Prep (K)-12 across all subject areas. 

Casual relief teaching often leads to short-term contract opportunities in accordance with Working Holiday Visa (417 or 462) provisions

Advice with teacher registration, interview procedures, and induction.

Professional support available through seminars and workshops.

DIY Support Package, the TiM and CRT Seminar (free with DIY) provide extensive help, advice, links and Skype calls to help the international come here with confidence to teach.

Visa Eligibility

Teachers who apply under the 417 Working Holiday Visa program provisions would be passport holders from: Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan or the United Kingdom.

Teachers who may be eligible to teach under the 462 Work and Holiday Visa program provisions would include passport holders from the United States of America.

Teachers applying for either on 417 or 462 visa type from Canada (RCMP) or the US (FBI) must supply a fingerprint check for Victorian Institute of Teaching for registration purposes, see the TiM for application details.

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