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Teacher Testimonials

We allow employees to choose their own workload to suit their lifestyle.



Thank you Resource Ed for my new contract for 2020. It was through my role as a Resource Ed CRT that I was introduced to the school where I am now appointed to full time staff. There was no disadvantage for the school in appointing an Agency CRT to the position, because Resource Ed do not charge contract release fees either to the school or to the teacher.

November 2019




Julie, I wanted to tell you that today I am celebrating 10 years on Resource Ed staff. Thank you for all the help and support. Please forward my thanks to all your office staff.

May 2019



I love the independence which comes with working for Resource Ed.

January 2019



"Thanks for the info and advice Peter and making me feel supported. At this stage, CRT’ing suits my family and I, so fingers crossed, my VIT upgrade from Provisional application will now go through smoothly.



Daniel S

"Working with Resource Ed Personnel has been an absolute wonderful experience from the start - very soon after my interview I was placed in schools teaching.  Julie, my one-on-one consultant, has been brilliant; friendly, supportive, and understanding.

What I like most about Resource Ed is that they genuinely care about finding the right match for both the teacher and the school and work hard to achieve this, which benefits everyone. Thank you for the consistent work and amazing schools you have placed me in. An all-round great agency to work for!"

July 2018



Local Graduate

"I have been with Resource Ed since the beginning of 2017. I joined as I wanted to extend my contacts, knowledge and relationships with primary schools in the Outer East area I was living. Throughout the year I was able to work at many different schools and gain experience, build contacts and finally determine what type of school I wanted to get permanent work in, surrounding the values I believed in.The Resource Ed staff always supported the CRT’s they had and placed the wellbeing of the staff above everything else. They were always there to support and talk when I had a rough day at a school and gave advice where needed and asked. In November 2017 I moved to the West of Melbourne and began working at a variety of new REdP schools where my experience continued to develop in behaviour management etc.At the beginning of 2018 I was able to gain a full term contract as a full time year 1 /2 teacher at a Primary school where I had worked as a REdP CRT; that contract would eventually lead to my recent full time position.I cannot thank Resource Ed enough for their support in the very short time I was with them; they always provided work and were able to support me as a CRT to reach my goal…. And no contract fee on resignation!"

May 2018


Resource Ed CRT who suffered an accident at school in May 2018

"Thanks for your concerns and caring attitude on behalf of Resource Ed. I had talks with Julie (Area Manager) this morning as well. I am fine and ready to take shifts from tomorrow.

Yesterday I saw my GP which was covered in Medicare. It was suggested I take some pain killers which I already had at home and to take rest yesterday.

Thank you for financial support - I am not out of pocket as there was no Gap cost.

Really touched by the way I got support and care from everyone on behalf of Resource Ed. I will again repeat my words that I am feeling very proud to be connected to Resource Ed. Thanks to all of you once again."



Shreya Gupta

"It has been a wonderful experience to have worked in Minyerri School as a classroom teacher. Minyerri is located 240 km south-east of Katherine with approximately 600 people. As a teacher, I had to think out of the box for each lesson as the students learn things relevant to their environment. Engaging with families and their culture helped me plan my lessons better and cater to their needs. There were days when I felt overwhelmed with the stress students carried to school but this helped me grow out of my comfort zone and introduce breathing exercises and mindfulness which assisted students to calm down and focus better on learning. It is very soul-satisfying when you witness the difference you have made with students’ learning. I felt lucky to be a part of the picturesque outback beauty which can be so soothing to the senses. The dreamtime stories associated with them can be very fascinating and thought-provoking. Working the remote can be a bit lonesome, therefore I would suggest to teachers to develop a few hobbies, like I picked gardening and reading over the weekends. I would love to encourage teachers to experience teaching in a remote school at least once in their life. It not only makes one a better educator but also self-sufficient and resilient"


Roberta Haggard

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

"I had an amazing time living in Melbourne. The city is unlike any other I've been to, with a culture centered on dining out & sports! I had a ball exploring the city via trains & trams, eating out, watching "footy", and lazing around at the beach in St. Kilda. I loved the experience of teaching in Melbourne as well. The students were always excited to have a teacher from another country and the staff were very open & friendly to me as a visiting teacher. In my entire 10 months, I was only ever sent to 5 different schools so I really got to know the staff and students and felt right at home in my surroundings. Resource Ed provides an exceptional support system. They are always there for you if you need help with any aspect of moving to a new country and are always in touch. I remember when I had my application package all ready to go, I trained out to the office and Dianne was there to meet me at the train station with a smile and offer to include me in the take-out lunch that was happening back at the office. I felt so welcomed and comfortable. Another highlight was being able to take off time from my availability at my convenience without any consequences and go travelling around the country! Australia was an amazing place to visit with so much variety between the cities, the wine region, the outback, the beaches & the tropics of the far north. I loved it!"

"Resource Ed has been exceptionally helpful even before my arrival in Australia."

Lindsey Broadbent
Montreal, Canada

» What are you enjoying most about Australia?

The past ten months that I have been living in Melbourne, Australia have been an amazing experience. Melbourne is a beautiful city to live in and is filled with friendly people. I have had such a great experience living and working here.

» Did Resource Ed Personnel's services meet your expectations?

Resource Ed has been exceptionally helpful even before my arrival in Australia. Working for Resource Ed has been a wonderful opportunity. They have been extremely reliable in finding work for me during my time here. Resource Ed has been very supportive and is always there to answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend them to any teachers interested in teaching abroad.

"My experience teaching with Resource Ed was one I will never forget."

Sarah Brown
Vancouver, BC Canada

I arrived in Melbourne, Australia with a one-way ticket in one hand and a holiday working visa in the other. I didn't know anyone, didn't know where I was going or what I was doing there. I was just looking for a great adventure! When I first arrived at the airport I was one of those people looking frantically for someone holding up a sign with their name on it. I will never forget how relieved and welcoming it was to be greeted by Ian, the director of Resource Ed himself, and another Resource Ed teacher from London. Ian drove me right to my hostel in St Kilda and from that day continued to provide support, guidance and professional advice.

» Describe your teaching experience in Australia?

My experience teaching with Resource Ed was one I will never forget. I was called almost every day to a variety of schools in Melbourne. Some schools required more travel time than others, but the transit system in Melbourne is fantastic. From my house at St Kilda beach I would tram to the main train station and then hop on a train to the outer suburbs of the city. The schools were always accommodating and happy to have teachers from different parts of the world. The great part about teaching in Australia is they work on the request system. This means schools will request you back and you have the chance to really get to know the students, staff members and school. For example, I was offered two teaching positions at one of the schools I taught at. Unfortunately due to travel plans I did not pursue these offers, but there were many options as a travelling teacher.

» Did Resource Ed Personnel's services meet your expectations?

I had an absolutely fantastic year teaching in Australia filled with memories and experiences that have made me a stronger teacher. I would not hesitate to go back and do it all over again! Thank you to Resource Ed and all the staff for your hard work and dedication to your overseas teachers.

» Tips for Canadians?

Overall I would highly recommend joining a teaching service like Resource Ed. They help you find work every day and are more than accommodating to your schedule and travel plans.